The Baroque Parish Church Saint Sebastian

Our parish church was built in the years 1702/03 (by the royal masonry master Bartholomäus Ebner of Graz ). The patron saint is Saint Sebastian. It is a place of contemplation, peace and quiet. The entire building was renovated between 1962, 1987 and 2014.

The parish of Bad Blumau has got about 1400 Catholic members and consists of seven small villages each of which has also got places of gathering for services, prayer and procession

Bad Blumau: parish church
Schwarzmannshofen: road crucifix
Bierbaum: chapel
Kleinsteinbach: road crucifix
Lindegg: chapel
Loimeth: road crucifix
Jobst: daughter church

Service in the parish church:
Wednesday: 19:00
Saturday: 19:00 (every 1st Saturday of the month)
Sunday and bank holidays: 08:15

On special holidays like Easter or Whitsun service hours might slightly change. For up dated times please see our calendar of events.


Pfarramt Bad Blumau
Bad Blumau 24
8283 Bad Blumau
Tel.: 0043 (0) 3383 2408

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