Noah's Ark Rarity Garden

Together with Noah's Ark, the Rogner Bad Blumau has created a garden area with up to 200 rare tree varieties. Lined with fragrant roses, shrubs and flowers. Here you can get very close to nature. In addition, the extraordinary garden design with resting places, messages and a historic fountain is captivating. Tree sponsorships have been possible since May 2017.

In future, around 200 trees of about 80 different endangered fruit varieties will grow on this ARCHE NOAH fruit variety conservation meadow. The varieties planted here were found in orchards in the Vienna Woods, the Buckelige Welt and the Mostviertel, among other places. Many of these varieties are as yet nameless and have working titles such as Blaschkeapfel or Apfel Rohringer. The trees in this meadow ensure the survival of the variety in case the old tree dies.

An old tree of some varieties is now known. There are an estimated 2,000 apple varieties in Austria. Nobody knows exactly, because only about half of the varieties have already been described. The rest are local varieties that were sometimes only common in a single village. Often there is only one old tree left today, because about 85 percent of the trees have been cleared in the last 60 years. Many of the remaining trees are on the verge of extinction. That is why ARCHE NOAH is working intensively to find as many fruit varieties as possible and replant them in conservation meadows before these varieties die out with the last tree.

Open daily! Entrance for hotel and day guests is via the Vulkania bathing area. Advance booking at the hotel reception.


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