Vulkania curative spring

Vulkania® curative spring- the strongest source in the thermal region Styria

The Vulkania curative spring is made up of a unique composition of depth groundwater. It rises from a depth of 2,843 metres. When it comes from the earth, its water temperature is about 110°C and above. The mineral content of this naturally strong sole spring exceeds the required guide value for curative waters many times over.

More than 1 million years ago an inland sea developed in a volcanic area. In the course of the millenniums it was sealed against external influences due to tectonic movements and overlappings over the clefts of the volcanoes. By means of the thermal depth drilling this unique primeval sea was found. Now the Vulkania curative water, which is not adulterated by any environmental influences, can be used at Rogner Bad Blumau for regeneration and recovery purposes.

The Vulkania curative spring is of volcanic origin and the highest mineralised curative water in the Styrian spa region. Collected in the Vulkania curative lake, the water is genuine and powerful, with the warmest bathing temperature out in the open. Bathing in this water feels like silk.

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