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Rogner Bad Blumau thermal spa

All the colours of the rainbow

Rogner Bad Blumau is a trip of discovery. It is a trip to a magical world. Green roofs, round shapes, colourful facades and golden domes make up a spirited work of art in the middle of fields and meadwos

At the entrances to the thermal baths following is included:


  • The unique 8.500sqm Rogner Bad Blumau Spa area
  • Bathing & Sauna area
  • Vulkania hot spring with Vulkania lake
  • Fitness room
  • 1 bath robe and 2 bath towels (per person)

Rogner Therme

The Vulkania curative spring is of volcanic origin and the highest mineralised curative water in the Styrian spa region. Collected in the Vulkania curative lake, the water is genuine and powerful, with the warmest bathing temperature out in the open. Bathing in this water feels like silk. ...more inforamtion

time for two... conscious experience, in selected rooms, on request without TV, in magical oasis of peace, hidden under bridges and trees of life.

Points of contact ... unique combinations of different therapies, types of massage, beauty treatments and sports units - together in a personal conversation with the SPA employee of your choice.

  • Relaxing in Bad Blumau
  • Vulkania Becken in der Therme Bad Blumau


Rogner Bad Blumau
Bad Blumau 100
8283 Bad Blumau
Tel.: 0043 (0) 3383 5100
Fax: 0043 (0) 3383 5100 804
E-Mail: spa.blumau (at) rogner. com
Web: www.blumau.com

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Bad Blumauer Guestcard

20 Prozent Ermäßigung

Reductions of all-day and eventing tickets from the Thermen Rogner Bad Blumau

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  • Picturesque Silence

    3 overnight stays inclusive breakfast and tickets to Rogner Bad Blumau from € 148,00
  • Time for us

    3 overnight stays inclusive breakfast, tickets to Rogner Bad Blumau and a candlelight-Dinner from € 170,00
  • Shared Together

    3 overnight stays inclusive breakfast, ticket to Thermen Rogner Bad Blumau and candlelight-Dinner from € 173,00
  • Healthy time for two

    3 overnight stays inclusive breakfast, ticket to Rogner Bad Blumau and dead sea grotto from € 167,00
  • Colorful feeling of life

    3 overnight stays inclusive breakfast, picnic basket and tickets to Rogner Bad Blumau from € 153,00
  • Intensiv Relexation

    2 overnight stays inclusive breakfast, ticket to Rogner Bad Blumau from € 119,00